One year ago I went to Sasquatch, got back, and started this blog

Leaving for Sasquatch in the morning! Last year when Dru Dinero and I went to photograph and review the festival on behalf of Seattle Gay News, I was broke, hadn't booked that many gigs for the upcoming summer, and was feeling pretty sorry for myself. The weekend really helped to turn the year -- and my attitude -- around. Was a much needed break from the office and chance to unwind with a good friend. I've been in a much better place since, and am really looking forward to doing it again.

Aleksa and Atasha Manila in studio (4.11.15)

A white wall, a strobe to my right, and two beautiful models - that's all it takes. So far I've only done one shoot at the new studio so far - for Seattle's HIV Vaccine Trials Unit. The Manilas were two of about two dozen volunteers who modeled for the HVTU's latest campaign. Need to start getting into a rhythm of doing more in-studio work. Performer wanting some glamour shots? For $200, I'll make 10-15 of these for you!

In the news: American Photography 31 slideshow

It's super exciting to have my work selected for this for the third time in four years, but what really gets me is the fact that many of the photographers I've looked up to and names I've familiarized myself with since getting a camera also have work in AP31: Christopher Anderson, Chris Buck, Aristide Economopoulos, Lauren Greenfield, Pieter Hugo, Nadav Kander, Annie Leibovitz, Dina Litovsky, Gerd Ludwig, Sandro Miller, John Moore, Joe Pugliese, Martin Schoeller, Art Streiber, Sebastiano Tomada, Stephen Wilkes, and Dan Winters, off the top of my head. Additionally, I need to check out the work of Natalie Keyssar, Lara Joe Regan, and Alec Soth, and noticed three other Seattle-based photogs in the mix - Michael Clinard, Amanda Ringstad, and John Keatley. I'm honored and thankful for the opportunity. Check out the slideshow at