November 27, 2013

All this editing definitely feels like payback for my surreal weekend, and I hope to and am anxious to share a few images sometime next week, after the holiday weekend.

Other than that, this week's been pretty alright. Had my first dentist appointment in three years (with more to come!); met up and had a really good time at Linda's with a Mr Jonathan Vanderwelt, who's new to Seattle from Boulder, CO, and has been having a good amount of success making inroads with the photo community here after just two months in town (god, it's fun to talk about photography with good people); and got a call from The Seattle Times for a feature about the economic impacts of same-sex marriage. In talking to them, I was afraid of coming off wrong, because whether or not I've benefited from marriage equality is secondary to the fact that it's about people's civil rights and not just some moneymaker, and I was fortunate to be able to play a visible part in that effort last year.

Anyway, in the meantime, here are two Instagrams from Sunday :)

Box of M&M's

In muh first suit!