October 31, 2013

Halloween 2004.

I think this may've been the first image I ever toned. It's interesting to me that I favored vibrant colors even then. It has that "pop" that I go for today with all my parade and nightlife snaps.

About the photo above - that's me with my college roommates Ant, Matt, and Felipe, and our friend Erin. Gah!, that night in Bloomington was seriously the craziest of our lives. It's a good thing camera phone culture hadn't caught on yet - otherwise there'd be one too many incriminating pictures out there of the scarecrow, 15 beers in and nursing another, in a pile of leaves. The night concluded with everyone losing track of everyone and me yelling for my friend "Frodo! Frodo!" in a crowded basement. I didn't find him, but a Good Samaritan offered a lift home. The good old days.

I'm taking photos at the club later tonight, but other than that it's been a pretty tame Halloween working on edits and homework.

I went all out this year. (Note: NOT a real cigarette.)