November 4, 2013

Woo! So the winners' galleries for the 8th Annual Black & White Spider Awards are now posted, and I was surprised to receive two of the 132 awards for professionals. A total of 256 honors were doled out in 14 categories, of 9,456 entries from 75 countries.

In one year's time, I've been fortunate to receive recognition in American Photography 28 (with one of the book's few one-photo, two-page spreads), in Photo District News' The Scene contest with both series and select winners, the PDN Photo Annual for student work, PDNedu for fashion/portraiture, twice as Vogue Italia's Pic of the Day, and as Prix de la Photographie, Paris' poster image for its Top 20 exhibit, as well as an honorable mention.

I can't say that exposure from this attention has directly translated into paid work. Still, clients do hint that it definitely doesn't hurt - that their confidence in my work is not only based on what they see and perceive but is also reassured by these industry endorsements. Having your images held up by editors from institutions such as The New York Times, National Geographic, and Vogue is a very good thing, and has shaped my brand as someone who's up-and-coming. It's been a tough year, and the intermittent validations via competitions have helped to keep me going.

Again, I encourage everyone to check out these galleries - impressive collections of work.

Two Spider Awards!