RE: Jan. 19th, 2011

Wandered over to Neumos to get some shots at the Secret Shoppers show. Unfortunately, I didn't do Garrett Vance and Evan Rodd justice up on stage, though; the lighting was cool but, in order to catch it, I had my shutter set too slow. But here's a crowd shot of a dude in a windbreaker getting funky enjoying the set! Afterwards I followed folks to Havana Social Club and recognized Lisa Dank, about to grace the February cover of City Arts Magazine and then The Stranger in March. I was probably annoying but she was a good sport and made light of all the photos being snapped of her and a friend dancing. And there's Kevin Kauer in the last shot- he was a resident DJ at the time. Didn't know him but soon became very familiar with his brand, Nark Magazine, as well as his photography, which had a great look to it that I hoped to emulate.