Flying to Indiana to visit the fam dam tomorrow!

I'm here at the studio tying up loose ends, and I wanted to share these two headshots before flying out to Indiana early tomorrow morning to spend the holidays with my family. The first is of Glenn, of City of Seattle's Office of Immigrant & Refugee Affairs (whose staff paid me a visit this afternoon), and the second is of my girlfriend Erika, who was kind enough to test model sans makeup. I'm proud of how both portraits turned out (as well as the rest, to be edited after getting back to Seattle on January 1st). Anyway, it's about time I became much more adept at working with studio lighting, and so in the new year I'm eager to take on lots of headshot gigs. Happy Holidays, everyone!

GOOD Magazine Photo Booth at Net Impact Conference at REI (11.7.15)

I've been a big fan of GOOD since it debuted during my college days at Indiana University, and even brought my stack of back issues with me in the Corolla when I moved out to Seattle. So it was a pleasure to partner with them recently for the #EarthToParis campaign ahead of the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris. For more info:

GOOD photo booth at REI-002.jpg