Here goes!

Hola! Skimming entries from a blog left unpublished last fall, was reminded I'd enjoy getting into the routine again. Now that the website's finally in OK shape and coming along, here goes!

This week's been full of happenin' stuff. Consistently being around people and not just cooped up at the studio editing has done wonders for my mood. Last Thursday I got to hear Sean Lennon and his girlfriend's band The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger at The Crocodile. They were excellent - playful lyrics like the Beatles but jammy; it definitely seemed like too small of a venue for a Lennon. Plus his gf, Charlotte Kemp Muhl, is a model so they were both photogenic. Then hit up Sasquatch this past weekend with Dru Dinero (his first time camping!), where I took snaps but mostly just did my best to slow down and have fun with a good friend. After we got back, slept all day Monday - was worthless. Then did GSBA's Young Professionals with Pride on Tuesday, Pride Foundation's Scholarship Dinner yesterday evening, R Place's Thirsty Thursday is tonight, a Gender Alliance of the South Sound meet up tomorrow, and then the City Hall Flag Raising on Sunday, and a Seattle Progressives Ready for Hillary event Saturday. Kind of disappointed about missing Sen. Patty Murray's luncheon this afternoon with Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), but so it goes.

Have been in a dry spell as far as new gigs booked lately, so these past couple days have been really positive. Scheduled portrait shoots with my friend Judah Travis and can't wait. Also am teaming up with Seattle Out & Proud to photograph companies and buildings that fly the rainbow flag throughout June. Should make for a neat collection of images. For the first time, it's a commission that doesn't involve photographing people. I LOVE photographing people, but also new challenges. It's something new =)

Oh oh oh! And got word from George Bakan that he'd like to give me a section in Seattle Gay News' Pride edition that's focused entirely on Seattle's trans community. All photos. So excited! Ready to connect with folks and get things rolling in the next week.

Next up: Posting a rundown of recent faves!